• Moisturizing Foundatio [1]

    Hello everyone :)Let me introduce you the cushion which is specially designed for dry skin.  V-collagen ample cushion contains rich moisturized ampoule skin care!    Moisturising ampoule base covers the skin delicately and give the skin a hydrated and smooth finish!v Contains sea water (15%)Skin elasticity and nourishmentv  Hydrolysed collagen Moisture elasticity v Greenol complexSkin protection and anti-oxidant effectsource : youtube (Ksusha Kravets)The result is amazing! You can see the skin is brignten and smoothen immediately Not sebum but glowy! No need to use too much, just a thin layer is enough to achieve a natural coverage!Try the moisturizing V-Colagen Ample cushion to feel the difference ☺

  • makeup tutorial with L [1]

    Hello everyone!Today I will introduce to you make up tutorial using Lime Eye Shadow :)LIME Color & Eyes, Sparkle SP305Even with just one shade,the color turns out so vividly, colorful and gorgerous. LIME Color & Mood, MA205LIME Color & Eyes, Shimmer SH106LIME Color & Eyes, Sparkle SP301Combining the best dark shades, I will do the Deep Eyes make up.Using Lime Color and Mood MA205 to apply on the tail of crease.Then, evenly blend LIME Color & Eye Shimmer SH106 on eyelidsFinally, use Lime Color & Eye Sparkle SP301 to stress the define the eyeliner. LIME Color & Eyes, Sparkle SP303has a lovely plum pigmented color for point make up. Even simply just using one color could give you a lovely look!source : @anastasia_st_makeup from Russia♥Thanks for reading♥


    ♥ @banh_banh204 ♥"Confident to come down to the street in just 5 minutes! This is the one of few tone-up cream products that I find convenient yet effective. It can be used as sunscreen, makeup base and also most importantly, the noticeable brightening effect after a few times use. The reason I call it muilti-purpose cream is that besides whitening and sun protection, it can also replace foundation if you want to go for a natural make-up look, I only need a thin layer to make my skin look more radiant."♥ @howaboutny ♥"Lime Cosmetic's Giga White Tone Up with 3-in-1 effects: immediately toning-up, whitening and sunscreen. For full make up, I use this before the foundation and powder, it absorbs quickly into skin and brighten up my skin right away. When I am lazy, I can skip foundation and just go with Giga, do my eyebrow and put on some lipstick and I am ready to go out <3 "♥ @huongng ♥ "Giga White Tone-Up Cream is smooth, velvety, easy to apply on face like moisturizer. I think this product is extremely suitable for those who do not have enough time to put on full makeup everyday but still want to have a natural and radiant look. Since I started using this cream, I got plenty of compliments on my skin that it looks smoother and brighter in a natural way..."♥ @imtrang.97 ♥"My skin is fair and white so I don't really use this cream as a tone-up cream. I use this mainly as suncream and make-up base and what I specially like about this product is its light texture and not too little, not too much hydration which is perfect for my combination skin. Highly recommend this product to anyone because of its multi-functions and reasonable price"♥ @lyphan ♥"I have been using tone-up cream to replace foundation for few years and Lime giga tone-up cream is one of my favorite products because of its multi functions and convenience."♥ @ngocanh001 ♥"5 minutes make up with Lime Giga Tone up cream, whitening the skin evenly and also can be used as suncream!"♥ @maihuongmakeup ♥"Besides skincare, the treatment before make up is also very important to achieve the perfect make up look. This tone up cream helps brighten up the skin immediately in a very natural way. The product is great as a make up base since it contains moisturization and suncreen functions. The smell is pleasant and the texture is easy to apply"  ♥ @maikyhan ♥"Got to know about this products from so many famous beauty bloggers, I got to try this out and I loved it. It brighten up my skin and covers my dull area, evenly whitening and give my skin a radiant look. What I like about it even more is that it has SPF50+ PA+++ so that I can wear it only without foundation if I want to go for natural make up look."♥ @wthnhi ♥ "Because of my job so I have to wear make up everyday, that's why I prefer products which contains natural ingredients.Lime Giga White tone-up cream just has everything that I need. I can wear this as make up base or suncreen or even replace my foundation sometimes without worrying that it could have some chemicals that may be harmful to my skin since Giga cream is certified by ECOCERT for using all natural ingredients."♥ @yeollan_ ♥" My must-have item for summer! Suncreen, naturally whitening and hydrating, all-in-one!Light texture and quickly absord to skin, this cream instantly glow up my skin, add one layer of powder, put on some blushes and lipstick and I am ready for the day!" ♥ LIKE ME BETTER, LIME ♥